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about 11 hours ago in News Comments

Shakespear 10 mentioned @gunners in: 2018/2019 Premier Soccer League Awards

Shakespear 10:

@@gunners wena ubhema kakhulu iglue

about 12 hours ago in News Comments

Nelinha1 mentioned @gunners in: 2018/2019 Premier Soccer League Awards


@@gunners, so Khoza had anything to do with the penalty conceded by Chiefs on saturday. How thoughfull of you chief!

about 13 hours ago in News Comments

Livis mentioned @gunners in a comment:


@@gunners ,you are man .Lorch deserved that.

2 days ago in News Comments

Sifiso Mabizela mentioned @gunners in a comment:

Sifiso Mabizela:

@@gunners Hahahhahahahah SO Why are you crying?

8 days ago in News Comments

MaHlophe(N.W) mentioned @gunners in a comment:


@@gunners - If Mane deserved it, surely EPL players wud've voted for him. Liverpool lost only 1 match thanks to their defense, which is led by Virgil who is never beaten one on one and also chipped in with a number of goals. Liverpool also drew matches which they should've won because they were tight at the back but they front players sometimes didn't come to the party

12 days ago in News Comments

matla72 mentioned @gunners in a comment:


@@gunners before u comment familiarise yourself with the rules of the game, what happened to Ajax and AmaZulu?

15 days ago in News Comments

smo mentioned @gunners in a comment:


@@gunners 100% agreed. On tha article, m no fan of erickson. I do not think he can be a worthy replacement..

26 days ago in News Comments mentioned @gunners in a comment:

@@gunners you are not reading the facts. Sundowns are the ones who requested for the postponement of the verdict due to their commitment in Africa. So now that they are back they are expecting that PSL should stop everything they are doing and prioritise them. No it doesn't work like that. They will get their date.

about 1 month ago in News Comments

Pep G junior mentioned @gunners in a comment:

Pep G junior:

@@gunners true that. I wish Arsenal and Man United to be in the top4 where big clubs belong.

about 1 month ago in News Comments mentioned @gunners in a comment:

@@gunners can you read the black and leave the white. Sundowns are the one postponed the verdict hearing as they requested due to their engagement in Egypt. This Pitso is a sour loser. He should know that they requested for postponement of the verdict.



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