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9 days ago in News Comments

kc-inferno mentioned Zly30 in a comment:


@Zly30 uyislima boi.. who are you referring to as a monkey? I'm sure you could have chosen a better word. As a black man, pointing out at another black man a monkey is a mockery to everything black and you're just embacing white resist ideology. Wise up my brother, use other words even worse like this.. hell even piss off cowditor if you have to, just don't call other black people monkeys

12 days ago in News Comments

Mr-sapopo mentioned Zly30 in a comment:


@Zly30 monkeys? Madoda... Incase u not aware u regarded as a monkey too by those whites...one thing u should know Africans are always overlooked n if u say ur fellow African is a monkey what are u wena? U stupid dude

12 days ago in News

Zly30 commented on "The African Striker Who Scored More Goals In A Calendar Year Than Lionel Messi"


So these monkies are jelous of messi hence the headline,mxxxm no news here.bring proof that he outscored messi only then will i read abt this story again.

3 months ago in PredictionsPool

Zly30 commented:


Six games to go ladies n gentlemen,everyone in the top 10 can take it.its been hell of ride this season,all the best to everyone!

4 months ago in News

Zly30 commented on "Starting XI: Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona"


Barca will wallop these madrid cows n will do it again on sunday...the GOAT will score a brace,watch the space!madrid will be trophyless this season like Zebras n Rats!

4 months ago in News

Zly30 commented on "LaLiga Report: Sevilla v FC Barcelona 23 February 2019"


Never dare compare an Alien with a human being#GOAT

4 months ago in News

Zly30 commented on "LaLiga Report: Sevilla v FC Barcelona 23 February 2019"


Catch me if u can#GODSAVETHEKING

4 months ago in PredictionsPool

Zly30 commented:


I don't understand this,bcz i never predicted Sundowns 1-0 Polokwane city and Orlando pirates 1-0 Supersport....plz editor can u explain whats going on here?bcz i lost points yesterday unneccessarily.

5 months ago in News Comments

Villa_ManQ mentioned Zly30 in a comment:


@Zly30 You are grumpy individual. just because your team fail to beat them.




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