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about 3 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Orlando Pirates Have Appointed Jyri Nieminen As Their New Goalkeeper Coach"


Wow Mr Khoza is not afraid to break the bank i like his passion to make sure that Rats mean business this coming season after coming second two unsuccessful season but anyway lets wait and see

about 4 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Former ‘Big Three’ Duo Spotted At Wits…"


We know that every season Hunt will sign many players available but then put them on stand if you are a good coach you wont do that atleast two players on one position not four players for one position mark my words Wits will struggle again next season

about 4 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Eric Mathoho - From Winning In Nigeria To Kaizer Chiefs' Bench"


Mathoho is still quality but Mazinyo like to play defenders on middlefield thats why Chiefs struggled to score goals so he know that Mathoho wont play on middlefield thats why he had option to look else where for a defenders Chiefs have many defenders abo Gordinoh it shows that Mazinyo lack something

about 18 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Africa Cup Of Nations Report: Morocco v Namibia 23 June 2019 "


Wow it was a well balanced game until the 88 minutes own goal but Morocco was more determined and superior than Namibia their buildup and quick passing of the ball anyway a team that used their chances won the game

about 20 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Bafana Have A Gameplan For Egypt's Hot Weather..."


I like the camp spirit of Bafana fear no one just go there and do your thing we are really behind you Go Bafana Go

about 22 hours ago in News Comments mentioned mmaxongo in a comment:

@mmaxongo That's true the guy Castro is a good player only this useless Mazinyo doesn't know how to motivate players when they are not in their best form.

about 23 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Major Boost For Bafana Bafana On MD-1"


Let the game begin i dont see us loosing this first game Bafana will be more determined and causious we have to stamp our authority to show who we are it will be a good lesson to other team to our group that we are not there to add numbers but to win this tornament overall

about 24 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Kaizer Chiefs Targer, Thibang Phete, Has Signed For A Portuguese Club"


Cowditor who is this guy anyway?i dont think Chiefs knew what you are talking about

about 24 hours ago in News Comments

MS mentioned mmaxongo in a comment:


@mmaxongo Thank God some can still speak positivity amidst the constant negativity. Mnxx, Nyovest was rite when he said ppl got serious problems, are hurting & they use these platforms to vent out their inner-buried anger

about 24 hours ago in News

mmaxongo commented on "Latest Voting Figures In CBL Cup "


I wish Castro can lead the voutes so that Bobsteak and Mazinyo can see that this guy is quality we will select a team that will win black label then the coach will take it from there




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